Coding Hip-hop Beats: 10 Spotify Playlists For Developers

Whether at home, or in the office, it’s very easy to get distracted throughout the day as a developer. Several distractions throughout your workday can be pretty costly. Not only can it increase your opportunity to make mistakes, but if you’re working on a tight deadline, distractions can lead to delays. Focused work is of the utmost importance when you want to increase productivity and efficiency. Music is one thing that helps me. To help improve my concentration during the day, I love to zone out to jazzy, lo-fi hip-hop beats. If you’re looking for some smooth beats to code to, look no further! Here are my top ten Spotify playlists for developers:

1. Lo-fi Beats

This playlist, curated by Spotify, has over 22 hours of relaxing lo-fi beats to study, work, or chill to.

2. Epidemic Lofi - Epidemic Sound

The Epidemic Lofi playlist is the perfect selection of over 270 songs to keep you focused especially during your work-from-home days.

3. Lofi hip hop - lofi girl - A daily selection of chill beats

This playlist, curated by Lofi Girl, boasts a selection of over 300 songs that are perfect for easing into your full day of coding.

4. Lofi Lush

Another Spotify playlist packed with lush instrumentals to help you get into the zone while you code.

5. Lofi focus music - Chillhop

This Chillhop curated selection of tunes features jazzy hip-hop beats to vibe to. You can go from a super focused coding session to chill mode with just one playlist.

6. Lofi Fruits Music - Strange Fruits - Lo-fi Hip Hop to chill, study, sleep to

With about 10 hours of tunes, this Strange Fruits playlist is the vibe you need to get you through your next programming session.

7. Lofi Beats 2021

This carefully curated playlist by Lopills features a smooth selection of ambient background music perfect for getting you into the coding flow.

8. Coding Lo-fi

Private Playgrounds has combined over 1000 lo-fi beats to keep you concentrated as you dive into the most complex of coding problems.

9. Lo-fi Coding

This lo-fi beat playlist curated by Chill Station features several low and mid tempo beats to keep your momentum going throughout the day.

10. Lo-fi Instrumental Beats 24/7 365

If you’ve got a full day of coding, debugging, or even just research, Instrumental Beat Masters has got you covered. They’ve selected a vibey collection of lo-fi beats to get you into a deep focus.

Bonus beats:

Coding Jams Vol. 1 - curated by yours truly

I created this playlist to get me through busy days of coding, and especially to help me power through the midday slump.

What playlists do you like to listen to when coding? Drop them in the comments below!

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